Happy Brexit.

William Hebditch - July 9th, 2018.

What a mess our politicians are in. It is quite difficult to understand why Johnson and Davis agreed on Friday then resigned, why didn’t they do it in front of the whole cabinet? Small cojones perhaps. I still wish the Brexit side would really explain what the advantages are outside of the union. Most economists, many major companies and even New Cross Fruit Farm think that little good will come out of it all. I am fascinated that Lord Lawson is getting French residency and J. Rees Mogg is setting up part of his hedge fund in Dublin. That shows real confidence in the UK. Ah, but, we’re going to have new trade deals with that sane man in the USA. Perhaps we should ask Putin to buy us out. Interesting to find that Aaron Banks had 11 meetings with the Russian ambassador around the referendum time.

I was always told to follow the money… so where is Banks making his stash, and Rees Mogg?  What about Farage and his crew. I can’t see the benefit in turning the UK into a backwater, loosing skilled jobs and increasing the number of zero hours contracts. Ok, we may have lots of jobs when all the “Europeans” leave the health service, care homes, hospitality and even horticulture. It will certainly devastate the tax base and hence any remaining Government services. No doubt we’ll still be able to send our armed forces around the world, exerting our non existent influence. Big aircraft carriers with no planes.. sounds useful. 4 nuclear submarines under the ultimate control of President Trump…Nice one.

It’s interesting to see how horticulturists, like us, are changing their investment plans. A lot of people planting perennial crops are holding off making investment decisions.. just like the car and aerospace industries. Perhaps some good will come of it. Perhaps we can be serfs on Rees Mogg’s estate.

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