William Hebditch - February 13th, 2019.

We have ravens apparently, at least 2 pairs. I wonder if that’s a good or bad omen. My neighbouring twitcher is doing our great farmland bird count. I wonder if we have anything rare?

I know I haven’t written anything for ages, but what has changed with the great Brexit saga. B all, it seems. The only good thing that’s come out of it are the posters put up by “led by donkeys”, check it out on twitter. Nice to be reminded of what our great and good leaders have said over the last few years. Led by donkeys seems to be absolutely right. Where on earth is there any god leadership in any of the Westminster parties? I struggle to understand how our country can be mended of this horrid split. The continuing animosity between the 2 sides is so upsetting. The brexiteers lack of historical knowledge of the Irish situation is extraordinary. The thought of returning to a war in our own backyard is more than scary.

Farming wise, we’re here for the time being. We hope to be able to produce all our crops as usual this year, presuming our Romanians will come back to see us. Crops, bar raspberries look to have good potential. Flower bud is reasonable in quantity and the open autumn really helped. Winter chill is still lacing, but there’s a while to go before we can say winters over.

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