Six more months

William Hebditch - April 15th, 2019.

The cold easterly winds of the last week or so are doing no one any favours. Various things are in flower or coming into flower and the bees are staying at home. Can’t say I blame then. All the forecasts have lined up to say that Easter will be warmer. Hurrah! Cherries and some Blackcurrants in full bloom by then, we might get some crops!

Plums have finished flowering, but as of yet, there is no “run off”, that is unfertilised flowers dropping off. If every thing that is there at the moment grew into a plum, we’d have a crop of marbles. We only want about 4% of the flowers to form a fruit, so we can loose an aweful lot and still have a full crop.

As some people have heard, we are retiring at the end of this season. It’s my 42nd. year doing this and it’s time to do some other things. Looks like we’ll coincide with the Brexit disaster, if no one manages to kick the can farther down the road. Just wish we had some Irish forebears so we could get a starry passport. Pleased to see the Swiss are rerunning a vote due to misinformation being given to their voters. Remember the bus and Fox’s trade deals?

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