Wondrous Rhubarb

William Hebditch - April 28th, 2019.

What a wonderful Easter weekend it was. We had cherries in full bloom as well as several of the blackcurrant varieties. Far too early to be able to tell what sort of crop we may have, although the run off on the plums (that’s when the baby fruitlets fall off) is not sufficient so we’ll probably have to do some thinning. Apple blossom looks and smells nice, always a sign of strong flowers when they have a reasonable pink petal colour and good scent.

Asparagus is growing quite well, bit of a drop now the temperatures have gone down. We’ve recovered some of it to keep prodiucing a reasonable amount. Trouble is, no one likes lifting and replacing covers, it’s slow and dirty work. The sooner we can take them off, the better. Also it’s some of the finest Rhubarb we’ve ever grown. Just gorgeous stewed in the oven, then served with ready made custard and crushed ginger biscuit for texture!

Looks like we may well have to vote for our MEP’s. Glad to see farage is after another term, no doubt that will help his pension along. I have a queasy feeling about wanting out of the EU but still taking a personal pension from it. I suppose I’ll have to stop harrumphing about Brexit. Liz & I will always think it to be an irrational decision.

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