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William Hebditch - May 22nd, 2019.

It’s good that the weather has warmed up. No doubt people will soon be wanting rain. Please could we leave that till after the cherry season? It would be great to go out after a decent cherry year. The better temperatures are revealing what the crops are like. Some of the more choice plum varieties have run off quite badly. Victoria’s not enough.Our Raspberries rather suffered from last years lack of water, the cane growth for this years crop was aweful. We will scavenge some I’m sure. Also very nearly Gooseberry season, another week or so. They’re a bit dry (starchy) at the mo.

I’m loving the reviews of the new Jacob Rees Mogg book. Just shows what sort of fantasist he is. Would be good if he got his history right as well. His masters at Eton must be squirming with embarrassment. I’d still love to know what the Brexiteers actually want. Farages party not even coming up with a manifesto is just spectacular and, no doubt, he’ll get loads of votes. Still feels like turkeys and christmas. This whole situation makes the 3 day weeks in the 70’s, whilst I was revising for A levels, look like a really successful strategy. I’m wondering what to do if Johnson becomes PM, Rees Mogg in the cabinet and add in Gove, Davies, Fox et al in power… time to flee to Jacinda Ardern’s land.

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