William Hebditch - May 30th, 2019.

Another season continues, we’ve just started picking Gooseberries and will continue with Asparagus and Rhubarb throughout June, unless we get totally fed up at the sight of the stuff! Weather permitting, we may have just a few cherries in the middle of the month. It’s an early french variety which is starting to colour. I can’t recall ever eating Primulat, what a catchy name, soit’ll be interesting to see if it’s any good. We have got a crop of Folfer, another newly bred french cherry, early, big, firm and pretty good flavour. If we were planting today, that’s one I’d really go for.

We buy in bumble bees in plastic hives for pollinating. Unfortunately our black and white friends discovered one lot and totally destroyed them. It’s quite astonishing the number of wild colonies we have on the farm. You can tell by the number of them dug out by brock. On one windbreak line I counted 8 within as many metres. That’s one good thing having Bombus hypnorum on the farm, they’re tree bumblebees and love colonising bird boxes. No doubt the woodpeckers have a go at them, but I can cope with the number of peckers but not with the excess of badgers.

So is a tory leadership battle going to sort out the parties differences? Unlikely I think. Might be better sport than cockfighting. Can anyone outdo Johnson… trying to think of the right words to express my thoughts of gentlemen waving their “parts” about…not a thought that should stay long in the imagination!

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