Quiet retirement

William Hebditch - June 20th, 2019.

The wet weather has been very welcome for most of our crops, excepting the early cherries. Blackcurrants are colouring up well and we should start the harvest around the 7th of July, making it an “average” season, timing wise. We’re forecast some warmer weather next week which will be gratefully received if it actually arrives! Almost forgotten what that yellow orb is.

We’re picking some nice raspberries from our rather bedraggled raspberry patch, which really did not like last summers drought. Certainly the worst affected things on the farm.

As the word gets around that we are going to retire from fruit growing, many people seem to think they should tell us what to do. One suggestion was we should donate our orchards to the community, to what end, I have no idea. Today a councillor left a message asking whether we needed to talk about our momentous decision. YOU WHAT? Do we not have the right to retire and decide our own futures? Sorry, I wouldn’t have the gall to tell someone how or what they should do in their later years. If you’re in the shop, don’t bring up the subject with Liz, she nearly decked someone yesterday.

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