Mid July update

William Hebditch - July 18th, 2019.

So far it’s been a benign summer without too many extremes. I know that saying this all hell will break loose and it’ll break all records this year. We have been able to pick some lovely mid season cherries, Kordia and Summersun are wonderful this year. The Regina and Penny look good at the moment, if I haven’t already signed their death warrant.

Several years ago we planted a plum variety called Meritare, picking now and looking a bit Victoria like. What a heap of garbage, splits and rots if it even deigns to crop. Don’t believe what nursery men tell you! No different from the garbage spilling out of the mouths of the tory leadership candidates. They certainly seem to have found the magic money tree. Perhaps they could shake it in the direction of the mere mortals in this country.

I listen and read about the candidates and their spending and Brexit plans with ever increasing incredulity. I think we all need to go on unicorn hunts and see if we can find any. Perhaps Mr Hunt can capture a few more supertankers. I thought that was called piracy. I suppose I’d better catch up with the latest thinking. Why do we want to cross Iran. Is it just to show our fawning allegiance to Trump. Time to head to Tierra del fuego me thinks.

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