Big tractors

William Hebditch - August 11th, 2019.

Having written previously about giving cherries a death sentence by saying how nice they looked, well, it worked and we lost the Penny crop to cracking. Such is life when you grow them uncovered!

Now we’re onto early apples and hazelnuts and tomorrow harvest our very last crop of blackcurrants. It’ll be a bit of a sad day, New Cross has grown fruit for Ribena for nearly 70 years! Change has to come though. We are having people trying to tell Liz and I what we should be doing with our farm. One kind soul said that she wanted to make a grand gesture in her life so we should donate our remaining orchards to the community. What a selfless person, donating our farm, quite unbelievable actually.

Ian, Liz and I have planted pretty well every tree, bush, crown etc on this patch, and we’ve tended them to the bet of our ability. Perhaps others should consider our feelings about grubbing orchards.We don’t do it lightly, but it is getting harder and harder to make a living on this size farm and certainly not enough to employ a manager to run it for us. So grubbing it is, and then we’ll let land to others who can make something out of it with their big machines and tractors.

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