William Hebditch - November 11th, 2019.

The silly season is now well underway. I wish I had just a tiny cutting from any of the political parties money trees! Oh the days of unicorns and faeries and magic money trees, life is so good.

It is quite extraordinary how the 2 Brexit parties can’t agree, even now after 3 years, what exactly that they want. Oh for the great days of empire or some other such nonsense. It’s a big, wide, connected world out there whether we like it or not. Please can we stay connected to our near neighbours so we don’t have to commemorate days like today. Harping back to Spitfires over the white cliffs of Dover and the wondrous defeat at Dunkerque…(I hope they didn’t leave the plastic centre in all the poppies that got slung into the air over Kent. Who clears that lot up?)

Stop moaning. We have ceased to have any fruit trees left at New Cross. Got some big bonfires to build in the next week or so. Horribly sad and emotional for us both. Life goes on to new phases but it is hard to give up the last many years of our lives. It’s very difficult watching all you have planted and nurtured being destroyed. We look forward to the weather improving so new, annual, crops can be sown.

A dank autumn. Lets hope it leads into a crisp and cold winter!

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