It’s the weather

William Hebditch - March 29th, 2018.

Oh my, isn’t this weather just plain horrid. A March to forget. I’m fed up with plugging through the mud and of course it’s keeping the soil temperature down and so no Asparagus.

Perhaps the new month will be better. Let’s hope. Going by previous experience, we hope to start cutting ‘gras around week beginning 16th of April. We’ve got quite a lot covered so when we do start we will have a regular daily supply. No doubt it will produce a great big flush when it starts. I think that will be the story of spring from now on. So often when it’s late everything is all ready to burst back into life and there will be lots of flowers out at the same time. We did see the first solitary bees a couple of days ago and I saw a Brimstone butterfly. So spring really is just around the corner.

I wonder if we’ll ever have clarity about Brexit. I was at a NFU meeting yesterday, interesting, but loads of conjecture. It’s just 365 days away now, I still wonder whether we should be off to the continent for our dotage. Will we need a visa to go to our son’s wedding? Or on a more farming thought, will we be able to harvest any crops next year.

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