William Hebditch - April 25th, 2018.

A slightly strange spring, late and very fast. Plum blossom out for 3 days then gone. That coincided with the hot weather so we’ll probably end up with a crop. It pushed on the cherries and currants into what is now a rather uninspiring week and what apparently will be a cold weekend. Such is life. It’s kept me busy with the sprayer, trying to protect flowers against blossom wilt and botrytis. Both diseases of wet and cool weather.

The covered asparagus is well on the go. Outdoor is hardly showing a spear yet. Oh the joy of modern materials. At least we can give you fresh Asparagus on a daily basis. It’s just a tedious job lifting polythene, cutting then putting it all back. Dirty heavy work! I must say the asparagus we’ve eaten so far is jolly nice, very sweet and moreish.

Even though many flowers have come and gone quickly, including our wonderful patch of Fritillaries in the garden, the swathes of primroses have been absolutely spectacular. When the first flowers came out, I thought how poor they looked, then, wow, did they come good! And farmers can’t be blamed…. I see it’s our fault that there are no Hedgehogs around now, intensive farming and all that, and a tenfold expansion of the badger population has had no effect. Yeh, right! I’d better not blame them for the dead mole at the bottom of the garden, ’cause it would have been a very small starter for a brock.  Moles are so lovely, those amazing front paws and beautiful fur. Wonder how it died?

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