There ain’t gold in them thar hills

William Hebditch - May 11th, 2018.

What a roller coaster ride of a spring, a couple of days of heat then back to cold. Makes planning an asparagus crop utterly impossible. It’s a real seat of the pants year. Then today 4 of our workers left us mid morning. Next week will be a little difficult so please bear with us whilst we try and sort out our troubles!

Mean while the good weather over the bank holiday weekend appears to have helped with the setting of cherries and blackcurrant flowers. Though it’s so difficult to call on cherries, they do have a tendency to continually drop fruitlets right through till harvest. This year we decided to put the nets on early to stop all the pigeons grazing young foliage and pea green tiny cherries. We missed out 1 bed, that’s been murdered by the b. pigeons!

David and Louisa are coming back soon from the gold mine in Mali, perhaps they’ll bring an ingot with them! I’ve seen photo’s of a 25 kg ingot, looks very impressive and expensive. Don’t think I’ll have much luck panning in the Lambrook brook!

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